Miss World Canada 2017 #SaltwaterSelfie Challenge

Miss World Canada 2017 #SaltwaterSelfie Challenge

Swimmers from the Miss World Canada #saltwaterselfie challengeOn Tuesday the 18th of July at Mayfair Clubs fitness gym on Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada held their 'World' license mandated Fitness Day Testing event which yields a numerical score that’s added to each delegate’s final scores and is used to pick the Top Twenty Finalists. This 'fitness' value is even factored into the overall winner’s total on Saturday night, 22 July at Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The saltwater pool at the fitness club was also the seat of a unique marketing attraction called the #SaltwaterSelfie which was thus named to draw attention to the fact that Mayfair Clubs fitness gym chain has gone the extra step to use and maintain saltwater swimming pools in response to market demand for this innovation.

Working with Toronto cameraman David Suddaby and the gym’s advertising agency KPDI digital strategy on Logan Ave in Toronto, the team devised a unique sharable moment center.

Equipped with a HERO5 GoPro camera the #SaltwaterSelfie was an optional event on top of the day’s mandated fitness tests. You can read about the testing regime on Miss World Canada blog about Fitness Day at Mayfair Clubs here.

Once each delegate liked the page on Facebook (to share contact information via this social networking platform) she wrote her name on a plastic slate and jumped in the pool. After the slate was held in front of the GoPro camera lens for a few seconds, she was invited to perform. Unfortunately, the WiFi monitor would not work underwater and so the performance was blind, and that meant the ‘discovery’ later would be even more profound, and it was hoped, more socially stimulating.

#saltwaterselfie challenge at Mayfair Fitness Clubs, Toronto

Regardless everything went according to plan and forty two of the fifty seven Miss World Canada delegates took the challenge. Three hours later all forty-two videos were cut and sent to delegates via Facebook. That’s around 75% participation rate. Sadly however, of the forty-two videos sent, only fourteen were actually posted, and only nine or so had the correct #SaltwaterSelfie hashtag. Photographer with his Snappy Towel microfiber beach towel prizeThis can be explained by the hectic schedule of the day, the technical challenge of posting video in the absence of WiFi, and the quality of some of the videos. It certainly had nothing to do with the lack of desire for the Snappy Towel prizes as these were highly coveted by the Miss World Canada delegates and Mayfair Clubs gym staff. Here is Sean Rosenthal the Marketing Manager at Mayfair Clubs with a green Snappy Towel that we wisely let him keep for himself – photo license fee.

Cynthia Menard, Miss World Canada 2017This attractive swimmer was crowned the winner just four days later on Saturday 22nd of July 2017. Congratulations Cynthia Menard, Miss World Canada 2017.Here are the Instagram videos that won the #SaltwaterSelfie Challenge and you can see more on the 2017 Search for Miss World Canada - Fitness Day blog post. Five winners received Snappy Towels as prizes, either our microfiber gym towels or microfiber beach towels, and after everything was done and counted, we received this picture of the delegate who won the overall beauty contest.  

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Thanks for this post guys. Great to read a sponsor’s perspective in these things and thanks for the support. The delegates all love your towels and the gym manager wants them at the club. Expect a big order soon.

Rob Campbell

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