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    Inspirational Snappy Towels Vehicle Wrap Design

    A late Christmas gift, Snappy Towels found a designer's creative present waiting in our email inbox this morning. These are the long awaited vehicle wrap designs from Sign Source Solution. These images show our current vehicle, a four door 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander LE transformed into an advertising vehicle for our company, literally...

     Swim towel and beach towel designed vehicle wrap marketing

    What do you think?

    I think the creativity demonstrated here is really quite impressive. The way the designer has chosen to use the folds in the metal on the rear quarter panels of the four door vehicle to give more texture to the towels is excellent use of the material so to speak, and shows his experience.

    Although we are under no obligation to buy this wrap (which costs approx $2400) it may be worth considering because of how effective such a moving billboard can be on behalf of an ecommerce website. We have a simple name, and studies confirm it is something people would remember if they saw the snap circle logo.

    Sign Source Solution is run by Avi Barak who has years of experience helping merchandisers like us make efficient signage. We may visit their shop, seen here Sign Source Solution business signs on Yelp to get banners and sandwich boards made up for beach events; they have great prices for bag signs, and I've been thinking about getting some more event signage for Snappy Towels.

    Swim towel and beach towel themed design

    As for vehicle wrapping as a marketing tactic, when presented with fresh statistics from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, It hard to deny its effectiveness. They estimate that a well wrapped vehicle with an eye popping design like the one seen here can make about fifty thousand impressions a day. If you take that number and multiply it by the number of days in five or six years you'll soon realize that the vehicle wrap is the cheapest way to make impressions - a fraction of a cent.

    Front and back view of swim towel and beach towel design for roadtrip, travel advertising of towel store

    There's are an ocean of unique vehicles on the road these days and only the prettiest paint jobs can catch an eye and make a brand memory. This car wrap design would look good on the beach, and it would be a wonderful prop in the background of pictures at events.

    A conspicuously parked car such as this would also serve to let consumers know that we are at a swimming event, a beach, or trade show selling towels.

    Lastly the vinyl wrap would keep the paint underneath perfectly preserved so we'd have an almost new looking vehicle ready for trade-in down the road, but there is a small cost for removing the vinyl.

    What do you think of the design?