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    Kids Swim Towel and Toy Set Giveaway!

    It's sweepstakes time again!

    We are happy to announce a partnership with two great kids swim toy companies: Made By My Dad, the makers of Frogglez Goggles, and Flo-Therapy, makers of Zoo Noodles, who are co-sponsoring our latest giveaway.

    --> Enter here to win one of 3 Kids Swim Towel and Toy Sets

    Each of 3 Grand Prizes includes:

    About the Prizes

    Snappy Towels

    Snappy Towels are towels with snaps, so you can wear them in many ways. Snap them into a fun cape, a warming cover-up, or a convenient beach blanket. Snapping your towel around your shoulders can protect you from the sun, or just keep your hands free and your towel on. For kids, Snappy Towels also make a great quick-change poncho for the beach or pool.

    Snappy Towels Beach Balls

    A matching pair of fun beach balls to go with your towels. 

    Frogglez Goggles

    Frogglez are innovative comfortable swim goggles for kids that solve the most annoying problems with traditional swim goggles. Frogglez straps are made of neoprene and covered in a smooth fabric so they don't pull on kid's hair. Plus, they float. The patented strap design keeps them from sliding down over the ears. They are comfortable and easy even for young kids to use. You can learn more about Frogglez Goggles on their website.

    Zoo Noodles

    Zoo Noodles are fun plush float toys that come in 4 different characters. Our sweepstakes includes one of each! 

    Each Zoo Noodle is made from marine-grade UV-protected fabric and filled with safe EPS foam beads. This makes them easy to grasp, even by the tiniest of hands. The characters are cute, as you can see, and my favourite part is the "slurp and squirt" bulb that each Zoo Noodle has in their nose (or beak, depending on the character). So, it's a float toy, a plush toy and a water gun all in one. You can read more about Zoo Noodles on their website.


    For your chance to win these awesome gifts for kids, enter our sweepstakes now:



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