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    Summer Sale Extended! Save Upto 25% on Beach Towels, Kids Towels & Sports Towels!

    Wearable Kids Towels for Beach, Bath and Swimming!

    A Fun Towel with Many Uses!

    Snappy Towels are sized just right for kids of any age. They make a comfortable bath towel for kids and are a fun toy at the beach or pool. Snappy Towels are fully rectangular towels with no buttons, holes, loops, laces or plush animals sewn on, so they can be fully enjoyed as a proper towel when it's time to dry off. 

    Snappy Towels have snaps that allow them to transform from cape to hooded towel to cover-up to beach blanket in a snap!

    • snap on to warm you up
    • keep the sun off your shoulders
    • keep your hands free at the beach or pool

    Fasten one snap to wear as a cape

    Join two snaps to form a hood

    Snap sideways to make a cover-up

    Join two or more Snappy Towels into a blanket

    Snappy Towels have snaps that allow them to be worn as a super hero cape, princess robe, hooded towel, poncho, blanket wrap and more. The only limit is your imagination!

    Play mat travel beach towel for kids. Kids swim towel with a play mat design on it. Beach town picture with roads for toy cars. It's a beach toy and a towel! On Sale
    Kids Microfiber Beach Towels US$35.00 US$28.99
    Rated 4.9 out of 5
    from 11 Ratings.
    Wearable bath towels for kids, 100% cotton, hooded towel, cape towel, cover-up. Blue with pink On Sale
    Wearable Cotton Bath Towel US$29.00 US$19.99
    Rated 4.9 out of 5
    from 17 Ratings.
    Travel towels and swim towels with a convenient nylon hanging loop so they can be easily hung up anywhere. Best microfiber towels, chamois, shammy towel, gym towel, microfiber travel towel, travel towel, camping towel, watersports towel. On Sale
    Microfiber Swim & Travel Towel US$35.00 US$28.99
    Rated 4.6 out of 5
    from 25 Ratings.