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    Swim Waffle Weave Microfiber Towels

    Swim Waffle Weave Microfiber Towels

    Finally a microfiber towel that feels great to use! Snappy Towels™ Swim Towels are the most comfortable, portable and absorbent towel for swimmers. It's big enough to wrap around your body and dry off comfortably, while small enough to fit easily into even the smallest gym bag.

    50" x 27" microfiber swim towel for swimming lessons, competitive swimmers, lifeguards, travel and camping. Quick-dry, super absorbent, compact and portable. And, the most fun towel you'll ever own!

    Snappy Towels™ microfiber swim towels are the best absorbent towels for swimmers. 

    Portable towel for swimmers - microfiber swim towel
    • 1/4 the size of a cotton towel
    • 30% lighter than a cotton towel 
    • More absorbent than cotton


    All the benefits of compact swimming towels but still feel like a towel due to our unique super-absorbent waffle-weave microfiber fabric.

    Microfiber towel that feels like a towel!
    • Size: 50" x 27" - large enough to wrap or wear, but not drag on the pool deck
    • convenient hanging loop
    • quality seams & stitching build to last
    • Made from 85% polyester, 15% polyamide
    • only 315g (0.7 lbs)

    It has snaps!

    Snappy Towels are the most fun towel you'll ever own! Washer-safe rugged plastic snaps allow the towel to be worn in several ways:

    • over the shoulders as a poncho
    • over the shoulders as a super hero cape
    • as a hooded towel
    • as a cover-up 
    • snaps together with any Snappy Towel to extend into a beach blanket

    You work so hard in the pool, your time on the deck and in the change room shouldn't be a hassle.

    • Don't hassle with plastic containers for chamois towels!
    • Don't bother with heavy, bulky cotton towels that grow mildew in your swim bag!

    Stop lugging around heavy cotton towels. Start wearing a Snappy Towel!