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    Hi, I'm Dan Wood, founder of Snappy Towels. I grew up swimming every day, whether at summer camp, at swimming lessons, at a cottage or in my parents' backyard pool. I've always loved the water. Later I became a lifeguard, competitive swimmer, and surfer, chasing waves on beaches all over the world.

    We LOVE the beach!

    While hiking the West Coast Trail many years ago, I suffered a knee injury as a consequence of over-exertion and over packing. I spent 2 days camped at a waterfall on the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean recovering, and looking over my camping gear to see where I had gone wrong. I had packed a lot of things that I really didn't need to bring on a 75 km, week-long beach and rainforest trek, but the one thing that really stood out was my large beach towel. It took up a lot of space in my bag and weighed a ton when wet. It took forever to dry in the temperate, foggy, west coast climate, too.

    I had tried many of the microfiber shammies and technical camping towels on the market at the time but found them to be uncomfortable and too small to use as a beach towel. So there I was, lugging a heavy old cotton towel down the coast.

    That was a long time ago, and I've since moved on to other things in life. But now as a father, I found I was lugging things along the beach again! This time it's kids, coolers, toys and, yet again, bulky heavy towels. Whether it's camping, swimming lessons, school trips, weekend trips or summer vacations, I was always packing and lugging towels. I bought several camping towels and pack towels, but my family hated the way they felt and wouldn't use them. 

    Early in 2015, my young son was playing at home and asked me to tie a towel around his neck so he could be Batman. I wanted to help, but the thought of tieing a knot around his neck was concerning. I explored a few different options and found a type of durable plastic snap that we could use. Then I discovered that with a couple of additional snaps I could use the towel myself, turned around towards the front, as a shaving cape. And from there, we discovered that we could snap the towel over our shoulders at the pool or beach as a changing cover or wrap. And the towels snapped over our lounge chairs when we were on a resort holiday, as well as snapping over our balcony railing to dry without blowing away. It turns out that snaps on a towel are really useful in a lot of ways. We even found a way to transform a towel into a beach tote!

    With the novel idea of adding snaps to a towel to create a multi-purpose towel, I began searching for a fabric that would simultaneously solve the problem of cotton towels being bulky and chamois towels being uncomfortable. I wanted something compact and super-absorbent, but it had to be comfortable to use as well. Ultimately, I developed a design using textured waffle weave microfiber, and the Snappy Towel was born!

    We hope you find them as fun and useful as we do! We love to hear your stories; you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and via Email.


    Dan Wood
    Founder, Snappy Towels
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada