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    Beach Towel for Kids

    It's A Snap! Snappy Towels are made of mid-weight, 100% cotton, so they are thick enough for bath-time but still light enough for play-time at the beach. 

    Snap-Together Beach Blanket

    Snappy Towels snap together to make a handy beach blanket! At 50"x 27" they are just right for packing on your next vacation or holiday. Bon voyage!

    A Poncho Towel

    In poncho mode, your Snappy Towel will let you go hands-free while staying warm. Fasten the second snap for even more warmth.

    A Hooded Towel for Kids

    Warming up after a bath or swimming lessons? Fastern two snaps at the top of you Snappy Towel, and it becomes a hooded towel.

    An After-Swim Warm-Up

    Whether around the pool, or at the lake or beach, a Snappy Towel is part of the adventure.

    Cozy Swimming & Bath Towel

    An essential part of every day's bath time routine, your Snappy Towel wraps up soft and absorbent.

    Imaginative Play

    Childhood is a magical time where imagination is the only limit. Where a grown-up sees a practical, useful towel, kids see so much more: hero cape, princess robe, butterfly wings, secret disguise... game on!

    Super Hero Cape Towel

    There's just something about a towel that endows one with super powers. At some point, we've all put a towel around our neck and dashed off to save the day! With Snappy Towels snaps there's no need to tie knots or fiddle with buttons.

    Matching Snaps & Embroidery

    Customize your Snappy Towel: choose a towel color, then choose a color for your snaps & embroidery. The Snappy Towels logo and snaps will all match. Pick a towel color to get started.

    Kids wearable swim towel, 100% cotton

    With Kid-Friendly Snaps

    Our snaps are made of BPA-free polyacetal resin, a strong and durable plastic. Unlike metal snaps, ours won't rust or damage your drier, and there are no sharp edges.

    Made of 100% Cotton

    Snappy Towels are made of medium-weight 100% cotton. Nothing matches the naturally absorbency of cotton.

    Sized Just Right

    Snappy Towels measure 50" long by 27" wide (127 cm x 68.5 cm). It's the ideal size for kids 3 and up.

    $5 Flat Rate Shipping!

    We Ship to Canada and the US. Towels usually ship within 2 business days and depending on your destination will arrive 3 to 5 business days later.

    Good Clean Fun

    Never swim alone. Always have adult supervision. At Snappy Towels, we promote water safety. Learn more about water safety here.