Snappy Swimming Towel with Snaps!

Finally, a sports towel that feels as good to use as a cotton towel. No more clammy shammies. No more bulky cotton towels at the pool or beach!

Our waffle weave microfiber swim towels feel great on the skin, dry you fast, and keep your hands free for carrying all your other swimming stuff.

After a swim, snap on a Snappy Towel™

5 stars

we love our SNAPPY towels

They are great to roll and take to the beach and pool. Less space means I can fit other stuff in my beach bag ! When I am running after the kids, I can snap the towel around my waist and go! I love it.

5 stars

King of towels!

We live on Cape Cod and spend a ton of time at the big Atlantic beaches and sweet kettle ponds. I ordered 4 Snappy beach towels for the family and we have worked them hard over the last month--amazing! They work better than any other beach towel we've ever had--dry quicker, fold up smaller and look great, especially when snapped into a fashionable cover-up. Plus they are comfortable on the skin--no snaggy feeling like other microfiber towels I've tried. Kind of amazing and we now use nothing else. 

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