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    Welcome to the world of Snappy Towels!

    Microfiber Towels

    Wash cold with your regular detergent. Never use fabric softener or bleach as these will compromise the microfiber's super-absorbent properties. Do not iron. Hang to dry, or machine dry on low heat.

    Cotton Towels

    Wash before use in cold water with like colors. Your Snappy Towel will be compressed from the manufacture process and shipping, and will only reach its full fluffy potential once washed.

    Embroidery: You may see what looks like plastic or glue around embroidered areas, this is normal. This is a non-toxic, water-soluble embroidery stabilizer, part of the normal embroidery process. It will disappear after washing.

    Loose thread? Simply trim any loose threads that should happen to appear, just like with any other woven garment.

    Satisfaction Guarantee: In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with your Snappy Towel, contact us at Smile@SnappyTowels.com and we'll do what we can to help make it right. We take extra care to ensure that every towel we ship is just right, but if it's not, let us know. We reserve the right to repair or replace towels at our discretion. 

    Thanks for choosing Snappy Towels!


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