Our Story

Being an avid lover of the outdoors, when I met a Snappy Towel I knew I had met a valuable team member!  It truly has been a life-changing product in my life. My Snappy towel is my go to for any outdoor activity. 

So, when I had the opportunity arose to buy Snappy Towels®, it was my pleasure to snap it up.  I immediately proceeded to put my vision in motion for new products featuring this incredible fabric and the uniqueness of the snaps. 

The team been busy over the last year working on new products and in the coming months you'll get to buy such new products that fit the needs for all outdoor enthusiast.

We also have made the decision, which was very easy, to transition making products from fabric made of recycled plastic water bottles. Being environmentally conscious is our mantra. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products featuring unique designs to meet the need of all outdoor enthusiasts all while helping save the environment by using recycled fabric. 

Get Outside!

Roy Salsich - Creator of Opportunities