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    Life's A Beach Towel: The Snappy Towels Blog

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    What Are The Best Towels for the Cottage?

    We've just purchased a cottage in Ontario's Georgian Bay region, the cottage country made famous by The Group Of Seven painters. We've been busy painting, moving and preparing our new home away from home for all the good times ahead. This means stocking the cottage with firewood, comfy furniture and all the amenities that a vacation home needs. Our list of long-term plans includes building an outdoor shower and designing an integrated multi-level deck and hot tub, along with connecting outdoor kitchen and fire pit areas. Ambitious, I know, but exciting, too!

    I know from having a pool at home that guest towels and swimming towels can quickly add up to a mountain of laundry. Luckily for us, we've got Snappy Towels. Here's why they make the best towels for your cottage:

    1. They are compact: Snappy Towels take up 1/4 of the space of cotton towels when folded. That means they are easier to carry to the beach, they take up less room in the closet, and you can wash 4 times as many of them in a load of laundry. So instead of running multiple loads of towels each week, you can just throw the Snappy Towels in along with other laundry. This saves time and money. And there's less load on our well and septic system, too.

    2. They are comfortable: other compact microfiber beach and bath towels are made of "suede microfiber" or a flat, non-textured microfiber fabric, similar to camping towels or some travel towels. These things stick to you when you try to dry yourself with them, much the same way that wet blue jeans feel. Gross. Snappy Towels are textured microfiber, meaning they feel more like a Turkish towel, making them comfortable enough to use every day. Sure they aren't the world's fluffiest luxury bath towels, but if you want a towel that you can take to the beach, throw in a boat or toss on the sand, then this is the best of both worlds.

    3. They are multi-functional: Making a quick trip down to the water's edge? Snappy Towels can be snapped to form an over-the-shoulder beach tote, so you can carry a few items with you, hands-free, without needing a backpack. I usually take sunscreen, my phone, keys, a book, a water bottle, sun hat, swim suit, and t-shirt. These all easily fit into any sized Snappy Towel. Sometimes it's best to have a backpack, but I prefer to travel light.

    I also use my Snappy Towel as a changing cover at the beach, either changing into my bathing suit or after a swim when I want to get back into a dry change of clothes.

    Once back at the cottage, snapping the towel over a clothes line or railing to dry is easy to do. I don't need clothes pins to ensure it won't blow down. This is an essential feature if your railing is over the water on a dock or boathouse.

    Towels for Kids, Now In Stock!

    After long last, our kids towels are now all in stock!

    Towels for kids are available in Blue, Pink, White and our Play Mat towel design.

    2016 is proving to be the hottest summer on record, so we're spending a lot of time at the beach (as usual) but also making a lot of trips to local pools. Having Snappy Towels in our bags is a real space-saver! 

    Save room in your bag by packing a Snappy Towel textured microfiber towel for kids.

    Is half of your backpack missing?

    If you're finding that towels are taking up too much of your bag, it's time to make the switch. Check out SnappyTowels.com/sale for more info!

    Snappy Towels Featured On Fox & Friends

    This morning we were featured in Fox News' national morning show, Fox & Friends! This is part of their Summer Road Trip Series. This segment aired at 6:50am today.

    Snappy Towels news clip: 1:56 on Fox News Fox & Friends morning show June 9, 2016

    Snappy Towels were included in the Summer Road Trip Series because Snappy Towels pack up to 1/4 the size of a cotton towel, but their unique textured microfiber fabric gives them a feel similar to a Turkish towel, all the while retaining the absorbent and quick-drying properties of microfibre.

    Because they have snaps, Snappy Towels can be used and worn in many ways that other towels can not, such as a shaving cape, a changing cover, a chair cover, a beach bag and more.

    Here's the video clip: 


    Snappy Towels begins at the 1:45 mark.

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    Snappy Towels Helps Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Racer Save the Ocean & Compete Internationally

    May 9, 2016. Toronto, Ontario.  Snappy Towels Inc (http://SnappyTowels.com/) is proud to announce our partnership with stand up paddle board (SUP) racer, Brandon Lourie of Ottawa, Ontario. We’re helping Brandon realize his dream of going international as a racer and his mission to support ocean conservation efforts. Brandon is currently raising money for a 220 km race in The Netherlands this September. Half of the money he raises through his GoFundMe campaign will be donated to The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. For every donation of $100 or more, the donor will receive a free Snappy Towel Swim & Travel Towel.


    Stand up paddle board (SUP) racer, Bandon Lourie of Ottawa, Ontario

    Brandon was born and raised in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, and remembers watching wind surfers and wave surfers (collectively known as water men and water women) from his family home overlooking the water. At age 10 he caught his first wave.

    “I flew out west one summer to visit my uncle in Duncan, BC. He took me to Tofino where I surfed for the first time. I was hooked!” says Brandon . At age 16, Brandon and his uncle toured up western Canada on a windsurfing trip through Yukon, Alaska and the arctic circle.

    As an avid windsurfer and kite surfer for the past 15 years, Brandon saw stand up paddle boarding develop as a sport into what is now the fastest-growing sport in the world. He knew that other watermen were training on SUPs during times of low wind or low waves. But it was on his honeymoon to Peru in 2011 where he was surprised to see how popular wave-riding was on stand up paddle boards. He tried SUPing for the first time and loved it.

    Stand up paddle boarder Brandon Lourie at the beach

    The following year on a visit to India, Brandon paddled an inspiring 200 km down the Ganges River. He began SUP racing two years ago, competing in local Ontario events. In 2016 Brandon has decided to take his racing international and plans to compete in The 11 City Tour, a 220 km continuous race in The Netherlands that sees paddlers going non-stop day and night. He trains every day, and just returned from an event in South Carolina.

    Stand up paddle board (SUP) with sponsor logos

    Wherever he goes, Brandon is just as passionate about ocean conservation as he is about water sports. “As watermen we need to protect the water we are in,” says Brandon . “It’s more than just water quality, it’s a matter of survival for all of us. Ocean life is the foundation of so many ecosystems that we depend on.” His stand up paddle board is proudly emblazoned with the Sea Shepherd logo, helping prompt discussions of the need for ocean conservation efforts with other watermen and SUP racers.

    His board also displays the logo for Snappy Towels, a new kind of wearable sports towel. “I love the towel! It’s an essential part of my SUP gear now,”  says Brandon . “I’m always rushing in the morning to get in and out of my wetsuit. My Snappy Towel saves me 5 minutes because I can just snap it on and change without wrestling to keep a towel or blanket on while changing by my truck. It’s never been so easy to get out of my wetsuit. That extra 5 minutes in the water is precious time.”

    Brandon Lourie, Stand up paddle board (SUP) racer, Ontario

    For every donation of $100 or more given to Brandon's GoFundMe campaign, the donor will receive a free Snappy Towels Swim & Travel Towel



    Media Contact: Dan Wood, President, Snappy Towels Inc. 1-416-803-7932

    Support Brandon’s GoFundMe campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/c5x29sbz
    Learn more about
    Snappy Towels: http://snappytowels.com/
    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: http://www.seashepherd.org/
    The 11 City Tour: http://sup11citytour.com/