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    Travel Towels: Textured Microfiber

    Meet your new favorite travel accessory!

    Perfect for backpacking, traveling, hiking, camping, surfing, boating and all around just getting dry.

    Best microfiber travel towel for backpacking, traveling, vacation, hiking, camping, boating.

    Snappy Towels are built for adventure. We've engineered our microfiber towels to stand up to sand, wind, salt and time. It's the ideal microfiber travel towel, whether you are travelling the world or just to the fitness center.

    It's big enough to wrap around your body and dry off comfortably, while small enough to fit easily into a jacket pocket or even the smallest backpack.

    • 1/4 the bulk of a cotton towel
    • 30% lighter than a cotton towel (only 315g / 11 oz)
    • Super-absorbent: sucks up water like a magnet

    All the benefits of a compact travel and swimming towel, but still feels like a towel!

    It has snaps!

    Snappy Towels are the most fun and useful towel you'll ever own! Snappy Towels can be worn and used in many ways:

    • wear over the shoulders as a poncho, cover-up or cape. Great for keeping warm or freeing your hands to carry other gear or a surfboard
    • snap it to your lounge chair so it doesn't blow away or fall down
    • snap it over a railing or clothes line to dry without risk of blowing away
    • snap 2 Snappy Towels together to form a larger beach blanket
    • wear it on while boating - never lose a towel overboard after wake boarding or water skiing

    Stop lugging around heavy cotton towels. Start wearing a Snappy Towel™!