An innovative, fun, and functional beach and sport towel.

Super Absorbent, Comfortable Textured Microfiber Swim Towels

It's A SNAP! Finally, a compact towel that is small enough to take anywhere, large enough to wrap around yourself, and comfortable enough to love. We've designed Snappy Towels® to be the most fun and useful towel you'll ever own!

Snappy Towels are made of super-absorbent textured microfiber. The most comfortable swim towels and travels towels.Super absorbent: Snappy Towels® pick up water like a magnet. Their textured microfiber is super absorbent, so they don't just push water around like other sports towels do. Forget the clammy chamois and scratchy tech towel.

Wearable swim towels: perfect for the beach, hooded towel for kids, kids swim towels, microfiber swim towels for kids.It has snaps, so you can wear it in many ways. Warm up and dry fast. Stop dropping your towel in change room puddles!

Compact, portable, super-absorbent yet comfortable to use swim towels and travel towels.Compact & portable: Snappy Towels take up 1/4 the room that a cotton towel does. You don't need a separate bag for your towels anymore. Snappy Towels roll up as small as a size 7 shoe. That's a lot less laundry, too.

You'll want to take yours everywhere: the pool, the beach, swim practice, swim meets, kayaking, water skiing, surfing, vacation, travelling, backpacking, camping, hiking, on cruise holidays, the gym and more. Your days of bulky cotton towels are over!