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      It's A Snap! The Snappy Towels® Blog

      Our first customers!

      For a long time it's been my ambition to develop a product, build a website and sell stuff online. Thanks, dearly, to our first customers for making this dream a reality!

      And thanks to Shopify for being awesome to work with.

      I'm happy to say that our first towels have shipped: a birthday gift for Super Shmoo, and a matching set for Asher.

      Welcome to the Snappy Towels crew!

      Here's to an amazing summer of splashing and staying warm!


      Prepare for Summer Water Safety

      At Snappy Towels, we are all about the the beach and the love of water. Summer is fast approaching, and we can't wait!

      But it's also a good time to remember how dangerous the water can be if we are unprepared. We've found this somewhat somber infographic on the Lifesaving Society's website (below). But fear not, with a little preparation we can splash safely all summer long!

      The City of Toronto offers swimming lessons in early summer (more info here) and you're sure to find similar programs in other cities. Even for those who can swim (this should be everyone!) here are some important water safety tips from the Red Cross that bear repeating. 

      Play safe!